Welcome to Taist

we take cooking off your plateā„¢

The app for on-demand personal chefs.



Why Taist?


A New Age

The work environment has changed and so has the way we live our lives, especially how we consume food day-to-day


Most delivery orders are fast food. All of them finally come either messy or cold

Meal Kits

Between reading directions and still having to cook and clean up afterwards, meal kits just aren’t worth it


Our Vision

We aim to revolutionize the food industry by providing people an affordable and effortless way of having fresh, quality food, whenever they want.

Mission Statement

We will act as a platform connecting consumers to nearby cooking talent who are willing to create something desirable in the comfort and convenience of the consumer’s kitchen, all while providing those who cook an opportunity for dependable income.

How do I join?

Whether you want to cook for others or are craving something yourself, the steps are the same:


Download Taist on iPhone or Android.


Sign up as a customer or chef. Chefs are required to pass a background check.


Contact us with any questions, feedback, etc. We’d love to hear from you!