What do I need to do before Taist arrives?

Absolutely nothing. Taist chefs come with all ingredients and cooking supplies necessary to make the entire order out of your kitchen. They use your oven, stove, etc. to complete the order. They’ll use your sink to wash any supplies (e.g. pots and pans).

Is my kitchen suitable for Taist?

As long as you have the required appliances the Taist chef needs, then YES. Taist requires a combination of a range (oven and stove), microwave, and sink for the order. You’ll confirm you have any of these specific appliances needed before placing your order.

Can I order multiple kinds of dishes in a single order?

Yes. You are able to order as many different dishes (“menu items”) that are offered by a Taist chef, all in one order.

I’m ordering for a large group of people. Can I still use Taist?

Yes! You can order for any quantity of people, no matter how small or large!

What if I have allergies?

Taist allows you to filter menus by food allergies, so you won’t be shown any menu item that has your allergy.

What about cross-contamination?

Chefs are required to wash all cooking equipment and supplies in the kitchen before leaving for the next order.

There are no chefs in my area. What do I do?

We are currently operating in select locations. Follow Taist on social media to hear when we’re coming to your city next!

Do I need to purchase any kind of additional insurance if I decide to cook with Taist?

Taist happily insures all who cook with Taist.

How do I learn more about cooking with Taist?

Download the app and sign up to cook with Taist. Whether it’s just starting out or perfecting your craft, Taist provides tips to keep getting you orders. Keep checking our social medias and website for more updates.

Why haven’t I received payment from any orders I have completed?

You should have set up your account for payments after you signed up. Once this is done and you have completed orders, those orders won’t reflect in your bank account for 7-14 days. All other payments will hit your bank account typically 2 days after the order is completed.

I have more questions…

We’re here to answer! Email us at contact@taist.app