Seven Course Dinner


Sold By: Tyler Hart
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This would be a fine dining experience in your own home. I have come up with a seven course menu but feel free to change something if there are any issues. The menu is as follows:
First Course: Watermelon Gazpacho with Honey Crema and Chopped Pistachios
Second Course: Crabcake over Green Goddess Sauce topped with Microgreens
3rd Course: Mushroom Spinach Ravioli with Mushroom Sauce
Fourth Course: Beef Bourguignon with Pommes Anna and Microgreens
Fifth Course: Lemon Basil Granita
Sixth Course: Bleu Cheese Salad with Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Chopped Walnuts
Seventh Course: Espresso Spongecake with Raspberry Whip, Blueberry Coulis and a sheet of Dark Chocolate